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One of my proudest achievements.

Taking Adam Kentell from 122kg and 38% body fat to 109.2kg and 25% body fat.

And he is CRUSHING them on the rugby pitch....

Stronger, faster and leaner, the dream of every strength coach.

His hard graft, my road -plan


Ryan Cooper - Body composition success story

The photo's only tell part of the story...

Ryan has done a sterling job - dropped 26kg (from 117.7kg to 91.1kg), and more importantly, dropped his body fat by 13.5%, and reduced his metabolic age by 23 years !

 Since the start of 2015 I have been having personal training sessions with Alan. Not only is Alan a great personal training, he is also a great listener and not only has he helped me get stronger and fitter he has helped me through some very tough times. I am Alan's youngest client at 17 year old, but since working with him he has helped me build my confidence and so much so I have now been selected to represent the Great Britain College Hockey College squad and I have Alan to thank. In my opinion Alan works endlessly to help you get to where you want to be and he is one of the best pt's in the whole of Wiltshire. I look forward to more sessions with Alan throughout my Hockey career.

Henry Emmett

GB College Goalkeeper


I had a knee issue for years, until 18 months ago it worsened and I had a arthroscopy. After the operation I struggled to get much movement back, it was very weak and very temperamental. I went to private physiotherapy initially which helped, but I still continued to have problems. I stopped physio, and I went to Alan and we worked on building up the strength in the leg and surrounding muscles, he used a variety of techniques to get the muscles working correctly and the results were just brilliant. I have so much more confidence in my knees capabilities in daily life, where I had spent years being careful with it. The rehab programme Alan created was great – and I completed it a very happy client. I still see Alan as I find the weekly training motivating and keeps my knee in check too. Alan is always very mindful of the problems I have with my knee within his programmes, and always at hand with advice if you have any questions. Huge thanks to Alan - my knee is infinitely better and stronger than ever.

Danni Hatt


When you're self-employed you don't have a boss to give you a pat on the back for a job well done. So... I want you to have it in writing - having told you verbally at lunchtime - that your Yogalates class at SDH is brilliant. I've been coming for several years off and on and the variety is great. As is your sense of humour! So if you have an Encouragement Folder on your pc, stick this in it! And if you don't have one, then create one 

Thanks a lot and see you next week! 


Alan Levi took me under his wing, he is an amazing personal trainer.. we didn't do exercise initially, he decided I was far too stressed. We did EFT, dietary adjustments, counselling and light exercise.

Today my blood pressure is best its been in years, No drugs required. Doctor is blown away.

My weight has started to come down.

I am sleeping better.

I am coping better.

I know I am a nightmare case - I know I have complex issues - but I do know that this is probably the second time Alan Levi has saved me - probably my life.

He is my angel.

So much more that the stereotypical PT. 

Thanks Alan.


Great trainer and great fun! Really knows his stuff and goes out of his way to find remedial or strengthening exercises for a specific problem or target area. Highly recommended

Rosalind Incledon-Webber

What a Great guy this man is!! He has a lot of knowledge & experience in personal training ,,which got me listening through him being interesting . My own personal plan he’s written for myself amazeballs ...

Alan is warm & welcoming don’t delay book & see him today he’s a ⭐️


Alan is so much more than a personal trainer. He's more like holistic health and well-being coach. He has a wealth of knowledge about health related issues and well being and incorporates this into his exercise sessions and plans, as appropriate. He is personal, empathetic and really gets behind whatever it is that you're striving for, even if this means doing extra work or reading in his own time. I don't think I've ever met someone as passionate about their work, as Alan is. This is isn't just a job for him, it's his calling in life. Its money well spent and I haven't regretted it for a second. Would highly recommend!

Sarah Sidaway

I wanted to get into shape in a short period of time and Alan was recommended to me by a work colleague. He used a variety of techniques, weight training, interval training and kettlebells and I have to say I am delighted with the results. I dropped half a stone in 5 weeks, but that was nothing compared to the 5% body fat reduction I have achieved with Alan's help.The best part was I really enjoyed the training and the fact that I have now got a sustainable nutrition plan that I can keep going.

Tony Parsons

I wanted to get fit for my wedding and a friend of mine recommended me to go to Alan. For 3 months he really got me working hard trying different techniques and what was really good is that he listend to me and adapted the program to what I enjoy. On my big day I felt fab! and I know I wouldn't have if I hadn't got my body in shape. After the wedding I even got back and had some more session with Alan to keep me going and becuse I liked it so much.

Maria Millqvist

Alan has been training me for about eighteen months and I never thought I would say that I enjoyed working out in a gym but I do! He is so encouraging and gets you to do things that you would not have thought possible. Alan also makes such an effort to get all the information he can if you have any medical problems and can back up what he says with articles and advises which books to check out if the information is in one of them. I feel so much more positive and confident these days and so much fitter. I have problems with High Blood Pressure and am off to see my doctor to ask if I can give up some of my tablets that I take as I feel so much better these days.

I would recommend Alan to anyone - male or female and all ages and abilities.

Catherine Lynch 

 Ihave been training with Alan for over 7 years now. As an over 50’s client my goals are too keep trim, fit and flexible and Alan regularly sets out a plan to achieve my goals that not only through exercise but also nutritionally. Two major successes in the last year were to reduce my weight/ body fat in 6 weeks but perhaps more importantly to lower my blood pressure to avoid taking medication. I never get bored as no two weeks are the same and I really enjoy my sessions with Alan.

Keith Sutcliffe

Alan is a fabulous personal trainer. Very experienced and has a wealth of knowledge when working around injuries. One of the most respected trainers in Salisbury, Alan's approach to fitness and wellbeing is spot on 

Amie Richmond

A brilliant personal trainer. Alan treats every client as an individual, he is kind caring and patient. His knowledge of health issues is excellent.

Glynis Croft

Having been fairly active for the past few years, I needed a bit of a boost to lose a few pounds and tone up before my wedding day to make sure that I fitted into my dress!

Without much success with my usual routine of running/spinning classes, and with the big day looming, I contacted Alan in a mild panic! Following a Biosignature, where I discovered what were my “problem” areas, he devised a varied and flexible exercise regime and eating plan that could easily fit into my busy schedule. The best bit was no more endless hours on the treadmill!

I slimmed down to my goal weight with a whole month in hand, and was so delighted with the results that I’ve carried on training with Alan long after my tan has faded from my honeymoon!

Jennifer Ross

I have been training with Alan for 8 years. The improvements in fitness and health that Alan has helped me achieve mean that my weight has reduced, my strength has increased, my blood fats are at healthier levels, my risk of diabetes has reduced, my blood pressure has reduced from a level that required clinical treatment to within the normal range and I have managed to avoid (or at least delay) possible surgery for an ankle problem. And sometimes I even enjoy the sessions.

Neil Manson

I have been thrilled with the results that Alan has helped me to achieve in the 3 months in the run up to my wedding. I have really enjoyed his innovative routines and his enthusiasm during my sessions has been fundamental to my motivation. I am a busy teacher and could not spend hours in the gym but Alan gave me simple routines I could complete at home. I was careful with my diet, but i was also realistic as I knew I couldn't be 100% perfect! Alan was prepared to work around that! I would wholeheartedly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to get in shape and feel great!

Cassie Scaife, Age 30, Teacher

I met Alan through another PT. He was recommended specifically for his no messing approach to help me achieve my goals. I was fit but carried too much fat to see a good- looking physique. A regime of training with far less time on a running machine ensued. Hooray that boredom was out of my life. A good diet and a tailored programme of supplements to target my areas of fat storage were introduced early in January 09. I am now 20 pounds lighter dropped body fat by a quarter of the original results in January, got fitter and to top it all off, now sleep properly as well thanks to the balance re-introduced through the supplements. I haven't suffered hunger and spend less time doing the boring training like running and for the first time in 20 years of using a gym, have got brilliant results.

Mike Hurst

Alan has a wealth of knowledge and is excellent at his job. He is funny, amusing and one of the kindest, most caring Trainers in the business.

Tina Burton

Biosignature Testimonials

In 2011 I suffered from a debilitating bout of glandular fever and went from leading a full and active life to barely having enough energy to get through my working day. Last year I decided enough was enough and I booked myself in for a Biosignature Assesment. Through this, Alan was able to advise me on key changes to my diet and and recommend and supply supplements to boost my energy levels.

Alan has been great, so encouraging, and always on hand to offer a useful bit of advice or to tweak the supplements and exercises to get the best results.

My energy levels have improved massively and I have finally been able to get back to the gym.

Thank you, Alan !

A.P, Salisbury

I contacted Alan in desperation in October 2011.

In September 2010 my 17 year old daughter had an operation to remove her appendix after a spell of bad abdominal pain. The appendix was found to be healthy but was removed anyway. However, during that operation she contracted a superbug and was rushed back to theatre the following day. It took 3 weeks to find the right antibiotic through a process of trial and error during which time she was very ill.

To cut a long story short, my daughter was left with what the medical profession could only diagnose as chronic irritable bowel syndrome for which there is no medical treatment. We tried the obvious dietary changes but with no success and my daughter was off school for the whole academic year. She went back in September 2011 but struggled – missing on average 2 days per week. At this point I heard about Alan and thank goodness I did!

Firstly and most importantly my daughter felt totally at ease with Alan straight away, able to discuss her problems without any embarrassment. Alan was sympathetic, understanding and very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the bowel!

He put her on a very strict 3 week protocol of potions and powders plus fairly restricted diet. The first week was very tough for her – she felt terrible but Alan encouraged us through it and by the middle of the second week she was feeling a little better. By the third week she was feeling like a different person and for 3 months she didn’t have a single bout of D & V. Since then she has had the occasional bout – but nothing she can’t cope with. Alan has recommended low doses of various supplements which she raises if she has had an “episode”.

Alongside this, Alan has been helping her to cope with stress which is definitely the main trigger for her IBS now. She loves the relaxation exercises he has taught her along with the Qi Gong exercises.

All in all, Alan has given my daughter her normal life back for which I will always be extremely grateful.


I was reading on the notice board about a new way to lose weight. At first I took this to be the same sort of thing you see on TV all the time – but you know what, this REALLY works!

It’s like nothing else that is out there, and certainly nothing I have come across before.

You are not left to muddle thru on your own, and it is certainly something that you will want to maintain once you see how great the results are!

I have dropped a trouser size just in the first few weeks, from a 38 to a 36.

So, if I can do it – so can you! Just take some time to have a friendly chat with Alan and I bet you will be on your way to feeling great.

Just want to say…thank you for all your help.

Charles Cumbo

When I was recommended to see Alan by a friend my sleep was abismal. I constantly woke up throughout the night, then couldn't get back to sleep. I was exhausted and at my wits end. Everyone told me it was part and parcel of getting older. Alan disagreed and placed me on some

specific supplements to calm the nervous system. My sleep has been dramatically improved, and without medication. Thank you Alan !

Karen Ellis

Great start to the day, discovering that my body fat had dropped to 10.3% from 13.2% 12 months ago. Makes the healthy life style and training all worth well. Thank you to Alan Levi for carrying out my Bio Signature Test today. For those ladies (& men) who want to lose fat, I would recommend having the BioSignature Test carried out to identify exactly what your body is deficient in and what changes you need to make to your lifestyle.

Julie Harris

After suffering from years of insomnia, I was amazed to be cured with some very simple supplementation. I now sleep consistently well and feel great!

Mike Tierney

Having had to deal with an ankle injury for some time I was all but cured with regular doses of high potency fish oil in conjunction with a simple programme of targeted ankle rehab exercises

Neil Manson


 I tried EFT last night when I went to bed (was pretty zonked!) and only got half way through before I fell asleep. However, I experienced a momentary but significant sensation whilst I was tapping the centre of my forehead that not only made me feel calmer, but was accompanied by a mild yet profound emotional epiphany. For a moment, something I have always (or at least for as long as I can recall) viewed negatively suddenly became a positive in my mind. This is fascinating stuff.

K.J, Salisbury

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