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Alan Levi Personal Training is based on the belief that the customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Alan has written for one of the largest female training websites, Figure Athlete and the largest Personal Training website in the World, PtOnTheNet where he has been a regular contributor on matters ranging from supplementation to rapid fat loss.

Alan is an Internationally Certified Biosignature Modulation Practitioner and is one of the few Level 2 Certified Practitioners in the Country.

He has attended a Private Internship at the prestigious Poliquin Institute in Rhodes Island where he learned the secrets of Charles Poliquin’s remarkable success with fat loss clients and the scientific ways in which to break fat loss barriers. He has also qualified with the International College of Applied Nutrition and Strength in Nutritional Medicine Profiling.

Alan also specialises in a system of injury rehabilitation that encorporates muscle massage, tendon friction, spinal reflex, Mackenzie technique and acupressure points.

He has also been coached by one of the Worlds most senior Russian Kettlebell specialists, Mike Mahler, and shares Mike's interest in the importance of hormonal optimization to achieve exceptional results, not just in fitness but in life generally.To this end he completed a course under Mike in order that his clients may benefit from this highly beneficial information.

Alan has trained in Chinese Martial Arts for over 22 years under the tutelage of the famous Master, Y.W Lee, during which time he won a Gold medal in China, the United Kingdom Mens Full Contact Sparring category, and a Silver in the Commonwealth Kuoshu tournament. He is a 1st Degree Black Sash in Chin Woo Kung Fu as well as a qualified Tai Chi instructor.


Alan was fortunate enough to represent his University at the BSSF finals, under the boxing tutelage of fomer Olympic Coach, David James (who steered Chris Finnegan to his 1967 gold medal)

Alan (right) at the British Sports Federation Boxing Finals

He has also trained with two of the Worlds foremost martial artists, Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine, specifically in the field of self-protection and street defence techniques.


Alan Levi with Geoff Thompson - author of the famous "Watch My Back",

"Fear - The friend of exceptional people" and a legend in the martial arts world.


Alan Levi with one of the Worlds greatest martial artists and

self protection experts - Peter Consterdine

Alan is also a Master Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique, the unique system pioneered by Gary Craig, and now updated by Dr Silvia Hartmann. The system works on the concept that all negative emotions (E-Motion = Energy In Motion) are disruptions in a human beings energy system and that by releasing these negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self defeating concepts we can fully realise our potential as human beings.

It is a system that has been successfully utilised for everything from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to fat loss and sports performance.

He is also qualified in corrective exercise, functional training, core stability and Synergise (a combination of yoga and pilates).

Alan Levi Personal Training covers much of Wiltshire and Hampshire - specifically the areas of Ringwood, Fordingbridge, Downton and Salisbury

Locations where you can train with me:

Your home !

or. . .



Glenmore Business Park

Churchfields Industrial Estate




Downton Leisure Centre

Wick Lane




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