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BulletProof Your Body

Bullet Proof Your Body

By Alan Levi


Do you want to ensure a set of healthy joints, improved posture and stronger lifts?


Then you have come to the right place!


In the following article I will explore ways that you can incorporate corrective exercise into your existing regime,whilst keeping up the intensity, burning fat and building muscle.


First – the boring science bit.


What is good posture?Well the American Academy of OrthopaedicSurgeons (1974) define it as “the state of muscular and skeletal balance that protects supporting structures of the body against injury or progressive deformity”.

The TUT workout

This workout is a challenging and powerful way of burning fat rapidly.

 It utilises the principal of TUT training (Time Under Tension). This relates to how long the muscles are stressed under tension. To train muscles appropriately they need to be exposed to tension for certain periods of time that will alter the effect and even the muscle fibres recruited.

1-20 seconds relates to Relative Strength (ie your strength relative to your bodyweight). This is most important for power and explosive athletes or sports people, whether it be boxers, MMA fighters, rugby players, and even footballers (though football is often incorrectly considered to be more of an "aerobic" activity, it really is a succession of sprints and therefore does require levels of relative strength).

A Total Body Workout Without Weights

Got a bit of extra time to do a full body workout?
Try this one for size…I have included links to YouTube clips of instructors whom I respect and where the form and technique are described well.
A1 Hindu Push Ups –

Do this for 60 secs, now take 1 minute rest then move to…
A2 Wall Squats (RKC style)

Do this for 60 secs, now take 1 minute rest then move to A1. Do this 3 times and then move onto B series.

SuperFast BodyWeight Workout

Here is a super quick fat burning workout that requires no kit (by that I don't mean perform it naked, though, go for it, as long as you are at home  ), I mean it requires no equipment.

So here goes:

30 mountain climbers

20 push ups (off a wall, staircase or sofa if necessary)

10 Star Jumps

5 Burpees

Rest 75 seconds exactly

Repeat. 3 times.

Make sure to warm up thoroughly first

The Deck Of Cards Workout

Get ready for a fun, effective and challenging workout that is different every single time !

This is such an effective workout, and you can either aim to work thru the entire deck or just do as many cards as time allows.

Grab a deck of cards, shuffle them, and deal out a card. This is your first exercise. Now work your way thru the deck !

Spades  ♠ are mountain climbers, 
Diamonds  ♦ are push ups 
Clubs  ♣ are squats and 

The Descending Ladder Workout

Ask any of my clients and they will tell you I love Ladder Training. It can by turns build strength or conditioning, depending on the way you approach it. I find descending ladders are great for conditioning and fat loss and are psychologically easier to do than ascending ones.
Here is a great one a few of my willing victims have been doing of late...
Week 1: Do 17 push ups, rest, then 16, rest, then 15, rest etc etc till you get to 1
Rest as long as it takes to make sure the push ups are of a good quality.

The Turkey Burner Workout

Right, put down that chocolate orange NOW! Here is the workout that will boost your metabolism, build muscle and increase stamina. . .
Bodyweight workouts don't need to be boring, you just need to mix them up a bit. Try this one - with a fewmodifications you can reallychallenge yourself. . .


As a thank you for all your marvellous Facebook and Twitter support, I have decided to make available for download, free of charge, a great program for those of you getting into gym training. This is the program recently published on PtOnTheNet, but complete with photos, rest periods, tempo etc.
All I ask you to do in return is "like" the article.
Just click the link below for this exclusive opportunity to get a free gym program that will last you at least 3 weeks!

The Wall Chair

Here is an absolutely terrific exercise for strengthening the quadriceps. This exercise has been the the torture, umm...exercise of choice of many a ski instructor.
I particularly like this as a beginners exercise because it is isometric and therefore the risk of injury thru bad form is limited and it is also a good starting point for some knee rehabilitation programs.
The set up is with your back flat against a wall, knees at 90 degrees and elbows raised in a Cossack style position.

The Hindu Push Up

Hello everyone and welcome to the workout of the day.
Today I will introduce you to the famous Hindu push up, popularised by wrestler Matt Furey, but a staple of Yogic practice for some time.
This exercise is phenomenal for shoulder stability, core activation, endurance and flexibility. It is the Yin to the one arm push ups Yang (one arm push ups are optimal for developing power, the Hindu push up is optimal for  endurance and flexibility - hamstrings, hip flexors and spine).