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Resistanace Band Training
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Resistanace Band Training

The Perfect Plank

Check out my contribution to this article on achieving the perfect plank


The TUT workout

This workout is a challenging and powerful way of burning fat rapidly.

 It utilises the principal of TUT training (Time Under Tension). This relates to how long the muscles are stressed under tension. To train muscles appropriately they need to be exposed to tension for certain periods of time that will alter the effect and even the muscle fibres recruited.

1-20 seconds relates to Relative Strength (ie your strength relative to your bodyweight). This is most important for power and explosive athletes or sports people, whether it be boxers, MMA fighters, rugby players, and even footballers (though football is often incorrectly considered to be more of an "aerobic" activity, it really is a succession of sprints and therefore does require levels of relative strength).

SuperFast BodyWeight Workout

Here is a super quick fat burning workout that requires no kit (by that I don't mean perform it naked, though, go for it, as long as you are at home  ), I mean it requires no equipment.

So here goes:

30 mountain climbers

20 push ups (off a wall, staircase or sofa if necessary)

10 Star Jumps

5 Burpees

Rest 75 seconds exactly

Repeat. 3 times.

Make sure to warm up thoroughly first


In  a previous article I stated that my exercise of choice for fat loss, explosive power, conditioning and vertical jump improvement was the kettlebell swing. The staple of the Russian special forces and a phenomenal exercise for developing the posterior chain (the bottom to you and me) this why I like to introduce all my  clients to this killer exercise at some stage:
1. For female clients who feel their bottom is yielding to the cruel drag of gravity, this will, to quote best selling author Tim Ferriss, have you balancing tequila shots on your new pert posterior


If someone put a gun to my head and asked me for the best overall exercise for strength, conditioning, explosive power, fat loss and back strength, the answer would be simple. . .the Kettlebell Swing.
In future articles I will examine why this exercise is so superb in gaining great results and is so time efficient, meanwhile check out these remarkable results. .
In a recent study, 24 minutes of kettlebell swings yielded absolutely amazing results.
The 6 week study showed that just training with kettlebells twice per week on a specific interval protocol yielded a 19.

Fat loss through resistance training

I have recently had the privelage of writing for the largest Personal Training website in the the World, PtOnTheNet.
The article I published is on maximising fat loss with resistance training ,and I have shared the link to the article below. I hope you enjoy it !
or try

Smart Training For The Mature Woman

Smart training for the mature woman
By Alan Levi
If you have the misfortune of picking up a Women’s magazine and perusing the health and fitness section, it will come as no surprise that you will put it down more confused than when started.
What is the best diet for weight loss? High carb/low fat? Low fat/high protein? Loads of fat and don’t eat anything else? Never touch avocadoes on a Wednesday?  Aahh...I give up...pass me the Industrial Size tub of Ben and Jerry’s...