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Fish Oil And Prostate Cancer

There was a recent media feeding frenzy over the "revelation" that fish oil could cause prostate cancer. However the problem was that even the people who conducted the study conceded that there was no empirical link! This was because the study was an epidemiological one which attempts to show CORRELATION and not CAUSATION. There is a huge difference (this is discussed entertainingly in the link at the bottom of this article by nutrition expert Dr John Berardi).
Why do these studies make it into the media?

What is a SuperGreen?

If you are rubbish at getting your vegetables in, my first recommendation is to purchase SUPERGREENS. These are a marvellous shortcut and actually nutritionally superior to a scraggly bag of wilted lettuce.
So what are they? Supergreens have been around for years, they are produced by various companies and usually consist of chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, and spirulina. They come in powdered form and are easily mixed with water. The taste may take a bit of getting used to and the resemblance to something Yoda would drink is inescapable, but in terms of a nutrient dense package this takes some beating, and can make up the backbone to some truly Super Smoothie's.

The 5 Supplements For Fat Loss

The most common question I get asked, bar none, is what are the best supplements for fat loss.
Well, the answer is simple and complicated at the same time - You must always allow for biochemical individuality, in other words everyone responds to foods, liquids and supplements in unique ways. For one person 5 coffees a day works just fine and doesn't disrupt sleep, for another any caffeine post -12pm will cause sleep issues, guaranteed.
However, there are some elements that have a relatively uniform effect on the body (otherwise pharmaceutical drugs would never be allowed if everyones response to them was dramatically varied).

Asparagus Wee

One of the principal questions I ask new clients is: "Does your urine smell of asparagus when you eat it". If the answer is "yes", we have a problem..
Contrary to popular belief, "asparagus wee" is not a normal, nor desirable by-product of eating this vegetable. It is symptomatic of the MTHFR gene (methylene tetra hydra folate reductase gene) and is THE key risk factor for cardiovascular health (just ask Dr Mark Houston from the Nashville Hypertension Institute).

Fat makes you slim

Research conducted by Dr John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition team showed that people who consumed large dosages of fish oil (ie 10g plus per day) exhibited a 450-500 kcal increase in their basal metabolism. In other words consuming more fat actually increased your metabolism, decreased your body fat and improved lean muscle mass.
Fat makes you slim, its official.

What's the big deal about magnesium?

I often get asked why magnesium is so critically important- why don't I focus more on calcium or some other minerals. And why can't I get enough magnesium from my diet?
Well the simple answer is, unfortunately due to the poor quality of soil nowadays, zinc and magnesium are woefully inadequate in our diet. Yes you can get a lot from eating nuts and seeds, but not what I would call a therapeutic dosage (enough to offset health issues such as poor sleep for example). And even if you could get it through your diet, the net result of eating all those nuts and seeds would be a very fat person who was sleeping well !

Beat hayfever NOW !

I love Summertime, but unfortunately it always brought with it the sheer misery of hayfever.And I got it bad - a ridiculously itchy nose which was constantly running, dry and gritty eyes, the roof of my mouth so itchy that I wanted to take sandpaper to it and even occasionally wheezing and coughing. On a glorious bbq day, as the evening drew in and the pollen count rose my enjoyment of the burger in my hand went down as the flu-like symptoms kicked in.
I tried every homeopathic and natural cure I could find, but even Beconase and Salbutanol did nothing to alleviate it.

A Cure For Lymes Disease?

With our proximity to the  New Forest we are all aware of the dangers of tick bites and the potential for contracting Lymes Disease as a result.
The bulls-eye rash, fever and muscle pain are all potential problems that may accompany this particularly nasty infection, but what many people do not realise is that if left untreated there are potentially devastating neurological complications that can be highly disabling.
Indeed years of antiobiotic treatment can prove to be fruitless or create additional complications including gut dysbiosis and do not guarantee resolution of the infection.

Government concedes that we are Vitamin D deficient

Well guys, you heard it here first - vitamin D is not only arguably one of the most important supplements (if not THE most important) we can take but also the Government conceded this week that the majority of the population is deficient in it.
According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey:
  • 90% of the general population have below optimal levels - 80nmol/L (32 ng/mL)
  • 75% of young adults, the elderly and British Asian children are classed as deficient - 50nmol/L (20ng/mL)
  • 5-20% of the general population are classed as severely deficient - 25 nmol/L (10ng/mL)

What's the big deal about Vitamin D ?