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Fat Loss


In  a previous article I stated that my exercise of choice for fat loss, explosive power, conditioning and vertical jump improvement was the kettlebell swing. The staple of the Russian special forces and a phenomenal exercise for developing the posterior chain (the bottom to you and me) this why I like to introduce all my  clients to this killer exercise at some stage:
1. For female clients who feel their bottom is yielding to the cruel drag of gravity, this will, to quote best selling author Tim Ferriss, have you balancing tequila shots on your new pert posterior

Death Of The Diet

Research conducted by Dr John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition team has proven what a lot of fitness professionals have been saying for years - increasing your exercise AND the amount of food you eat improves your body composition. People who did this all saw dramatic improvements in resting metabolism, lean muscle mass and reductions in body fat.
The interesting fact is that the reverse doesn't work! If you decrease your calorie intake, and decrease your activity level you simply lose muscle and get fatter. So restriction is a myth, you should never be going hungry and you need to get more active - so eat more and move more!

Free Intermittent Fasting e-book

I often get asked by clients what I think about Intermittent Fasting. Well, there is a lot of research to suggest that it has dramatic effects on a whole raft of health issues ranging from cancer risk to Type II diabetes. But do I recommend it? Not really, I feel people struggle enough with issues around food - just getting them to eat the RIGHT stuff is hard enough, let alone telling them that twice a week they aren't to eat anything! However, that is not to say its not worth trialling or that I won't give it a go, and for those of you who are interested, please read this exceptional book by Dr John Berardi which will give you a balanced, scientific and thought provoking analysis of IF, and the various types of protocol available to you to try.

Fat loss through resistance training

I have recently had the privelage of writing for the largest Personal Training website in the the World, PtOnTheNet.
The article I published is on maximising fat loss with resistance training ,and I have shared the link to the article below. I hope you enjoy it !
or try

The Best Diet for Fat loss

This has to be the most contentious, fiercely debated and most disputed area of any in the fitness industry. Hopefully this article will inject a bit of balance and common sense into what can become quite a heated debate.
For starters, lets jettison the term diet. Just reading it raises my stress hormone - it insinuates that here is a quick fix that you can do for a few weeks/months/years, get into great shape and then return to the pies and deep fried Mars Bars, a happier, leaner and healthier human.

Another fantastic weight loss drink

This is a fantastic weight loss drink taught to me by Charles Poliquin and originated by C.Leigh Broadhurst as a remedy for diabetes.
Simply take 3 rounded teaspoons of cinnamon and put them in a cafetiere. Pour on 33 fluid ounces of boiling water, steep, cool, and then decant. Sip this in small quantities (8 ounces, four times a day). After 1-3 weeks reduce this to 1 cup a day. This is an excellent blood sugar management drink. Type 1 diabetics can use it but should start at one cup a day and monitor their insulin requirements very closely as they may dramatically reduce.

Middle aged spread?

Daily Mail Article.pdf (PDF — 267 KB)
I will be honest - I am not much of a fan of the Daily Mail, but the health section has improved in recent years. A very interesting article on estrogen dominance, fat gain and the middle aged spread was published a while back and I have attached it above as a pdf. Whilst I do not agree with all its contentions (fat gain around the midsection is more highly correlated with cortisol production and long-term exposure to stress than estrogen dominace) it does make some very interesting points on fat storage and hormonal imbalance - check it out!

The best drink for succesful fat loss

Ok, its not cool and exciting or exotic, its water. Plain old, unflavoured, still, water.
Here is why:
1. Your body is 83% water
2. It helps flush fat and toxins through the liver and kidneys
3.Cushions and lubricates the joints and intervertebral disks
4.Dehydration elevates your CHD risk factors. Drinking 5 or more glasses a daysignificantlyreduces your risk of heart disease and strokes
5.It improves energy, keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight
How much water?

Hit The Handles

Hit the Handles
Managing Insulin to Kiss Those Love Handles Goodbye
by Alan Levi

In a previous article, The Tools forTotal Fat Loss, I explored the concept of spot reductionthrough BioSignature Modulation — the scientific method of hormonal diagnosispioneered by Olympic coach, Charles Poliquin.
Now, we'll look in greater depth at what you can do forspecific problem areas. Today, we'll target the handles of hate. Because let'sface it, no one has any love for love handles!

The Total Tools For Fat Loss

The Tools for Total Fat Loss
by Alan Levi

So you train hard, watch what you eat, and do countless spin classes every week, and youstillhave that irritating layer of fat on your hips, thighs, belly, and bum. What gives?
If this is your predicament, then you might be interested in a new hormonal diagnosis called BioSignature Modulation, which shows that where you store fat is a direct reflection of your hormonal situation.
If you doubt the power of hormones, witness the power of anabolic steroids in the hands of athletes, particularly bodybuilders.