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FREE Geoff Thompson e-book

TheFormula.pdf(PDF — 173 KB)
One of the greatest individuals that I have had the pleasure of personally meeting on a number of occasions is Geoff Thompson.
A fearsome martial artist with a remarkable life story, what makes him such a compelling and charismatic person is that he is a fine example that we can create our own lives in the image that we choose.
His is a story of abuse, violence, divorce, fear and yet this tough and unrelenting journey has forged a man who is gentle, kind, compassionate, considerate and who is living a life that most people from his background would have deemed "impossible".

Free E-Book

I am delighted to announce that eminent biochemist and garlic expert, Dr Peter Josling, has kindly made available his e-book on garlic and ginger, free of charge to this website. It details the clinical studies that have shown the dramatic effects allicin has on everything from candida to MRSA. If you would like some of the garlic mentioned (oil/spray or tablets) please contact me as I am a recognised supplier.
I hope you enjoy!
GARLIC.pdf(PDF — 13 MB)

Free Intermittent Fasting e-book

I often get asked by clients what I think about Intermittent Fasting. Well, there is a lot of research to suggest that it has dramatic effects on a whole raft of health issues ranging from cancer risk to Type II diabetes. But do I recommend it? Not really, I feel people struggle enough with issues around food - just getting them to eat the RIGHT stuff is hard enough, let alone telling them that twice a week they aren't to eat anything! However, that is not to say its not worth trialling or that I won't give it a go, and for those of you who are interested, please read this exceptional book by Dr John Berardi which will give you a balanced, scientific and thought provoking analysis of IF, and the various types of protocol available to you to try.


As a thank you for all your marvellous Facebook and Twitter support, I have decided to make available for download, free of charge, a great program for those of you getting into gym training. This is the program recently published on PtOnTheNet, but complete with photos, rest periods, tempo etc.
All I ask you to do in return is "like" the article.
Just click the link below for this exclusive opportunity to get a free gym program that will last you at least 3 weeks!