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What is your hip pain telling you?

An issue close to my heart is what causes chronic illness and how to resolve it

 Along my inquiries I encountered the remarkable concept of Meta Health, the theory that all chronic dis-ease is caused by unresolved trauma locked into the body. The body is constantly trying to clear this but is sometimes locked into a negative feedback loop.

So for todays subject we will look at something VERY close to home ~hip pain and disorders.

What is the metaphor at work here and how can we help resolve it?

The hip's movement as a ball and socket joint is highly complex, complicated further by the fact that it I crossed by the Psoas muscle, which in Yogic theory houses a lot of Spiritual Emotion and can hold a lot of stress, specifically the fight or flight mechanism . A little known anatomical aspect of this muscle is that as well as being a HIP FLEXOR it is also a spinal compressor - think of bracing yourself for a frontal attack. 

When we get hip pain, it can be as a traumatic result of feeling, at some stage, not strong enough to withstand something or stand our ground. 

Bear in mind, according to Meta Health theory, the pain and  discomfort comes once we have  resolved the emotional trauma, think of it as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) of the soul ! If you have ever trained you know about the stiffness that can ensue two days after, We understand and accept that this is a natural part of the stress/repair process  - well it works exactly the same with emotions. The discomfort is evidence that you have resolved and issue, embrace it. What we want to avoid is an unnecessary re-triggering of this trauma and the ensuing stress/repair phase, because this becomes chronic dis-ease.

When we are in the stressed phase our body is ready for action ~ during this period we aren't feeling any pain because the body is perceiving its very survival as being at risk, its only afterwards, once the threat has gone and the learning has been established, that we enter the healing phase. 

This phase has distinct patterns and runs concurrently with the length of the stress phase. So stressed for 5 days, well you will be ill for 5 days with a "peaking" of symptoms at Day two and a half. The body is that scientific!

What happens when you are in a prolonged period of stress and that stress gets resolved, then re-triggered? Well that is when we start talking about chronic dis-ease.

The body is designed to have a linear processing of trauma, but sometimes our subconscious mind "sees" things it likens to the original issue ~ sometimes these triggers can be as simple as a sound , smell or sight that was present in the original trauma (remember, at that moment your brain downloaded EVERYTHING that was happening for future reference).

At this stage we re-enter the stress phase, resolve the issue, and then go into the repair phase. 

So, how can we help resolve these issues?

Well, Emotional Freedom Technique is a phenomenal way of releasing negative, limiting and traumatic events..ask yourself, when did you first feel "standing your ground" was a good strategy? Some time between 3 and 7 years of age?
If you are lacking flexibility in movement, maybe that is running in tandem with a lack of mental flexibility? 
Maybe you are ingrained with patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. What movement does your hip need? What would it take to make you"flow" rather than stand your ground? 

Why do you feel you need to stand your ground? What would it mean for you if you weren't withstanding something?

The more you let go of emotions that no longer serve you, specifically fear, anger and frustration the more you will see your body free of corrosive and negative energies that prevent the full expression of its amazing potential.


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