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What on earth is a UDIN ?

In Meta-Medicine, the stimulus to the entire disease process is the UDIN or Specific Emotional Event.

It starts the whole illness process off. How long it lasts, whether it becomes chronic or life threatening depends on whether we are able to avoid it being re-triggered or whether we are able to  resolve the underlying problem in its entirety,

So what is a UDIN, and how does it come about?

A UDIN is Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating and there is No Strategy for it.

If you find yourself suddenly involved in an unexpected dramatic situation, we go automatically into the COLD phase, we are stressed. Thoughts become obsessive, our sleep suffers, we have a degree of hyperactivity.

We may feel isolated, that there is no one to talk to and for the situation to qualify as a UDIN we have no strategy - this is a situation in we have no previous point of reference.

At the moment of this trauma, our brain takes a photo of everything going on at that moment...the sound, sights, smells,taste, sounds,everything. Why? Because the brain is recording this as a potential threat to our existence. It is storing this so that we DO have a strategy next time, once we have processed this event. In the same way as your bodies internal immunity spots problems and "marks" them so they can be dealt with appropriately, so does the brain (and more importantly the heart centre) evaluate external threats to our survival.

So, here is an example:

Someone says something terrible to you, out of the blue and deeply hurtful.

You cannot physically digest it. Your body holds onto the information as a "chunk" that it is working on, trying to absorb. You are in the stressed or "cold" phase.Your sleep is disrupted as the conversation plays over in your head, again and again.

A few days later this person apologises profusely, explaining that they had been in a foul mood, should never have taken it out on you, and asking your forgiveness.

The body, which has been attempting to process this information, now has no further need to hold on to it. You have achieved a reversal of the stressor. So the body releases all the food it has been holding as it releases this "chunk" of information. There is fluid build up, and this physically manifests itself as diarrhea.

So now we have gone into the rest and repair phase.

This may be a situation you are familiar with...stress causing an upset stomach is not rocket science, but it is interesting that in the Meta Health model the the body is taking a very literal interpretation of events - it cannot "digest" information and treats it as a physical entity.

When the body has no other mechanism of approach it will draw information in thru the heart centre, into the main control mechanism of the brain where the trauma is stored, and then a decision is made as to which part of which specific organ is going to be most appropriate to deal with the problem.

Where this gets really fascinating is that the part of the brain that deals with the problem is based on evolutionary adapatations - so obviously anything we perceive as threatening our very survival hits the brainstem, our most primal portion. If it is to do with protection it goes to the next brain layer, the cerebellum. If the issue or theme is perceived as territorial in nature the cerebral cortex deals with it, and if it is an issue of self-worth the cerebral medulla houses it.

The bodies intelligence is simply amazing!

Therefore illness, bugs, microbes viruses, and chronic problems are NOT a mistake, nor a fault or a weakness, but an epigenetically determined set of events that are completely understandable and therefore...solvable! When you are feeling the effects of illness, as my Master Trainer Sam Thorpe pointed out, CELEBRATE ! You have resolved something difficult in your life and moved on.

The key, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is that the process is a one-way line of traffic - trauma goes in, gets resolved, illness occurs to release the trapped energy, full health is restored.

From a physical training standpoint this entire model stands up to scrutiny and makes complete sense - when we train clients we deliberately put them under a degree of cardiovascular or muscular "stress". It needs to be a little bit more than they can handle - they need to be either "out of puff" or hitting "failure" with a lift. The musculature has small microtrauma. Now, when do we get stronger? In the session? No! It is during the recovery phase that our cardio or muscular strength improves - and this is the point when all those squats make you wince when you sit down, or your arms hurt just holding a phone. But people who train LOVE this time, the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a mark of improvement, of a good workout - the growth comes from the discomfort.
Meta Health sees illness like DOMS, for the soul !

So, this digestive issue, in our example, is related to the brainstem. The brainstem has determined that the stomach is the best organ suited to work on it, hence the digestive issues.

But what about people who get chronic conditions, who get repeated bouts of digestive problems (or IBS - not really a "diagnosis", just a flash way of telling the patient what they already know, you have a bowel, it is irritated by things, and we don't really have a clue what is causing it. Here, take some antacids....")

This is because we never completely cleared the emotional blockage at source and the snapshot our brain took of the situation is constantly re-triggered; maybe by your bosses tone of voice, a look someone gives you, a smell, a texture. And then we enter a phase where we are re-triggered into the stress phase, resolve the issue, re-trigger, resolve. Often the repair phase itself will ironically remind you of the initial problem and this in itself can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is only a very brief overview of the Meta Health model, and will form part of my ongoing professional development. I aim to give some themes and issues from time to time, that may, hopefully, resonate with you - because when you can look beyond the immediate externals into the deeper emotional themes that are busy playing themselves out in our physicality, you are far better prepared to deal with them with a degree of self-understanding that sadly seems to have eluded our current medical model.

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