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What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT works in the same way as clearing an obstacle to clear running water does.
Energy flows through us in much the same way as a river flows cross country. However, over time, debris, stones and rubbish accumulate(negative emotions, limiting or damaging beliefs in the Energy Body).
Eventually the river may find itself blocked or dammed up and its gentle flow disrupted, stagnated or its path altered.
EFT seeks simply to remove these blockages, the beauty being that this process often doesn’t require much work – once the boulders of emotional pain, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs are removed the river will flow to the full power of its remarkable potential.
EFT is a very straightforward and highly effective method of energy work that involves tapping on specific meridian points that increase energy flow throughout the body. It has been successfully used in cases of severe emotional trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (in the US),performance anxiety, sports performance and weight loss. It is an outstanding method of removing limiting beliefs and negative emotions, is phenomenally easy to learn and once mastered can be applied to literally every aspect of your life!

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