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Eating On The Go

It is one of the big problems for a huge majority of clients - what do I eat when I am on the road, busy and haven't had time to prepare anything?
My first recommendation is cook more than you need, and have that with you (so if you cooked a chicken, then that is hot or cold snacking for days). Of course there is the issue of refridgeration, and sometimes we just don't have time to get anything ready.
The worst case scenario is stopping off at a petrol station to get a snack. Very few (apart from the BP garages with an affiliate Marks & Spencer) have anything remotely resembling a healthy, nutritious or comprehensive range of foods - so what do you do?
Well, I would always make sure that I have a tub of Super Greens (see my previous article on SuperGreens for more info), protein shaker (ideally with one of those spiral blender balls in it), protein powder and maybe protein bars in the car. So far so good, you have an excellent source of bioavailable protein, a nutrient dense carbohydrate source, and a more substantial protein source in the form of the protein bar. What you can pick up in the garage is maybe a pack of Biltong, this dried meat is delicious, lean, nutritious and doesn't require heating or cooking.
Now all you need to ensure you a complete balance of macronutrients is fat. Two fish oil tablets in the middle of your snack and you have the powerhouse of all essential fatty acids, oiling your joints, lubricating your brain, downgrading your bodies fat storage ability and upregulating your fat burning potential, whilst also lowering the glycaemic effect of what is already a low-carb, high nutrient dense meal.
Below I have posted an excerpt from my pdf e-book (still available at the VERY low cost of £2.49) on some other healthy snacks...
A handful of raw nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, walnuts)
Small full fat Greek yogurt

Raw vegetables
1 fruit portion (organic apple, pear or grapes)
Fibre bar
Protein bar (should have less than 5g of carbohydrate per 100g serving)
Hard boiled egg
A “Bounce” ball – protein ball available from Waitrose or Health Food stores
Celery stick
Protein shake
A Super Smoothie

2 oz of cheese (ideally feta, or mozzarella) 


2 oz of (preferably) organic meat with mustard

Drinks: Water, cinnamon, chamomile or green tea

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