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The 5 Supplements For Fat Loss

The most common question I get asked, bar none, is what are the best supplements for fat loss.
Well, the answer is simple and complicated at the same time - You must always allow for biochemical individuality, in other words everyone responds to foods, liquids and supplements in unique ways. For one person 5 coffees a day works just fine and doesn't disrupt sleep, for another any caffeine post -12pm will cause sleep issues, guaranteed.
However, there are some elements that have a relatively uniform effect on the body (otherwise pharmaceutical drugs would never be allowed if everyones response to them was dramatically varied). These are the supplements I have chosen for a comprehensive approach to supplemental fat loss:
1. Betaine HCL:
The cornerstone and foundation of any supplemental protocol. If you do not have enough stomach acid then you cannot effectively digest food, and your mineral and vitamin status is compromised. Zinc, magnesium and B vitamins are all contingent on adequate levels of HCL in the stomach. Lack of acidity in the stomach also raises your risk of contracting the stomach parasite and ulcer causing bacteria, h.pylori and indeed contributes to "acid indigestion" and reflux.
2. Fish Oil:
This is the Big One. Fish oil switches on the genes that burn fat and downregulates the ones that store it. It is superb for cognitive and joint function and if you check on the medical publications you will see that there is research for everything from autism to eczema, digestive ailments to estrogen dominance. It makes you feel fuller for longer, oils your joints, reduces inflamation and increases muscle mass. What more could you ask for?
3. Magnesium:
When we are stressed out, we pee minerals out - good examples are the salt cravings that people under stress often experience (sodium deficiency). Magnesium is THE mineral of blood sugar management. It ushers glycogen into muscle rather than letting it set up store as fat, increases the amount of insulin receptor sites you have, improves sleep, improves your bodies response to stress and, whilst a "relaxing" nutrient, is vital in the KREBS cycle of energy production. If your sleep is poor you overproduce cortisol, this leads to fat storage around the midriff and breaks down muscle tissue - therefore adding magnesium  to your regime will definitely improve body composition. If you sweat, you need to start taking magnesium, and if you DON'T sweat - you ain't exercising enough!
4. Multi-vitamin:
When people start to lose fat they often feel rubbish. Fat has a tendency to be pro-inflamatory and a good storage site for toxins, hence you get a release of toxicity into the blood stream. This has a tendency to inundate the liver with more work than it can deal with. A good multi can provide the essential buidling blocks for good detoxification (ie the precursors to methylation, glycination etc). It also plugs the gaps in your diet as even the best of diets can still leave you with nutrient deficient (owing in part to poor soil quality that doesn't provide good doses of magnesium and zinc).
5. Vitamin D3:
If you don't know why this is on the list than you are either a) new to my website or b) have been paying no attention to anything on it. Vitamin D is VITAL - forget body composition for the moment and lets just say it is also vital for - bone health, a protective from breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, MS etc etc. Just check out Dr Robert Heaney's lecture in my VIDEO'S section for a detailed look at this ultra-vital nutrient. It is excellent for increasing lean muscle mass and improving insulin sensitivity.
And that's it, nothing exotic, no Himalayan Goat Droppings freeze dried and coated in apple cider vinegar - just simple, effective and economical ways of improving your bodies composition, and more importantly, the way it functions.
If you require any more information on this or other supplement enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me. I carry the Poliquin supplement line, arguably some of the finest, purest and most powerful supplementation in the world.

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