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Asparagus Wee

One of the principal questions I ask new clients is: "Does your urine smell of asparagus when you eat it". If the answer is "yes", we have a problem..
Contrary to popular belief, "asparagus wee" is not a normal, nor desirable by-product of eating this vegetable. It is symptomatic of the MTHFR gene (methylene tetra hydra folate reductase gene) and is THE key risk factor for cardiovascular health (just ask Dr Mark Houston from the Nashville Hypertension Institute). Yes, it is a greater risk indicator than even that of cholesterol (which has been overblown out of all proportion as a risk factor for heart disease by the way...)
Why is the MTHFR gene so dangerous? Well it was passed down to us by the Roman's during their conquest of Britain, and is an inbuilt genetic defect that prevents effective methylation (one of the many ways in which the body detoxifies itself on a daily basis).
This is because the body has a defect that prevents adequate absorption and usage of folates. The upshot is that you get an increase in a highly dangerous amino acid called homocysteine. When your homocysteine is elevated your risk of cardiovascular disease goes up.
So what can you do, well the good news is that just taking a specific supplement called METHYLATOR PLUS (£20 for 3 months supply)  can reduce your risk to that of a person without the gene in just a matter of weeks.
I don't doubt that there will be those who feel this is alarmist, or at the very least that they have never heard of this before. In respect to this I have put a number of pdf's with this article so, for those effected ,you can do your own research and draw your own conclusions.
What I would urge is that if you do have the gene, 23p a day is a small amount to pay for big piece of mind !

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