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In  a previous article I stated that my exercise of choice for fat loss, explosive power, conditioning and vertical jump improvement was the kettlebell swing. The staple of the Russian special forces and a phenomenal exercise for developing the posterior chain (the bottom to you and me) this why I like to introduce all my  clients to this killer exercise at some stage:
1. For female clients who feel their bottom is yielding to the cruel drag of gravity, this will, to quote best selling author Tim Ferriss, have you balancing tequila shots on your new pert posterior
2. The lower body is where the cardio action is - we run, cycle, go on the cross-trainer etc to get our heart rate up. With the exception of the rower there are no gym-based pieces of equipment that utilise the arms (and even that is predominantly leg-driven). Why is this? Because the biggest muscle groups in the body are based below the belly button - the glutes (buttocks) are the biggest muscle group in the body full stop. In the swing you are using the quads, hamstrings and glutes as well as getting a hefty dose of arm conditioning.
3.Think that swinging a piece of metal up and down is easy? I have seen male clients humbled by a mere 8kg, and the requisite 20kg for conditioned males will bring those in the best of shape swiftly down to earth with a bang.
The program I outline for clients takes you from a modest 100 swings in 12 minutes to a lung-busting 200 in four weeks (for the conditioned) or 8 weeks for those just getting back into exercise. One caveat though - the kettlebell swing is NOT a bicep curl, it isn't one of these exercises each and everyone of us can do - those with back issues need to exercise caution and common sense, and it is an exercise I highly recommend has expert tuition. Indeed it was a similair program outlined in Tim Ferriss' excellent book The Four Hour Body that had him at the leanest he had been since high school and saw people dropping 3% bodyfat a month with a ridiculously minimalist program.
Having trained with Mike Mahler and implemented his training style into my own swings I noticed a quantum leap...better energy management, improved technique and less lower back stress, so it pays to have your technique checked and worked on.
If you want to burn massive levels of fat, build muscle and get the conditioning of an elite athlete...GET SWINGING !!


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