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Top 10 things to keep your life toxin free

We live in a toxic world, it is a sad and unavoidable fact - everything from teflon to carpet fibres, new-car smell, chemical additives in toiletries, plastic leaching into water bottles, BPA in baby bottles, electromagnetic frequencies and general pollution -  we are exposed on a constant and daily basis.
What steps can we take to limit our exposure to these elements that will not only make us fat, wreck our endocrine system, but also make us potentially ill?
Here is a list I took from the exceptional work of Dr Mark Schauss who wrote the outstanding "Achieving victory over a toxic world":
10. Don't let your plastic bottle get hot - it leaches toxins into the water
9. Drink plenty of fluids
8. Sweat - exercise to sweating point to release toxins from the body
7. Get laboratory tested if you are concerned that your toxic load is having health implications - if you are concerned I am able to order tests through one of the World's most reliable labs, Metametrix
6. Get rid of your mercury fillings with a biological dentist - but ensure that he knows what he is doing ! You should be on a anti-oxidant IV and should be fully protected from the very dangerous mercury dust exposure via mask etc
5. Find a functional medicine practitioner who can help you detox heavy metals
4. Take glutathione and take pharmaceutical grade glycine on a regular basis
3. Never microwave food and plastics together
2. Get educated and get involved (check out for info)
1. Lower your use and practice avoidance
I would add to this...check your toiletries for sodium laureth sulphate and the endocrine disrupting parabens that I have mentioned in  a previous article ("Is your shampoo making you fat")
Reducing your toxic load will guarantee that you feel better and lose fat, as toxicity is a hormonal disruptor.

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