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Marlon Brand and Oil Pulling

Marlon Brando sat in a restaurant in the 1960's being relentlessly  pursued by an annoying papparazzo. Eventually he called the man over and said "Is there anything you want, that you haven't got?". The papparazzo mused, and then said, "Yeah, a photo with your sunglasses off". With that, Brando decked him, breaking his jaw and knocking out 5 teeth. Whatever your views on press intrusion into celebrities lives, this cost Brando more than a law suit, it nearly killed him ! The rampant pathogens in the irritating photographers mouth infected the cut in Brando's hand resulting in him getting admitted into hospital and requiring some pretty serious treatment. The moral of the story? The mouth is a hot-bed of microbial and bacterial action.
So, what can you do to prevent Paps-Mouth? Well, this great bit of advice came from my friend, Michael Obadia, a man with no formal qualifications in fitness but with too much time on his hands. . .it is the Ayurvedic practice of OIL PULLING. I cannot tell you how annoyed he was when Charles Poliquin posted an article on Oil Pulling on his website, because I am sure he feels he invented it!
Anyway, what is oil pulling? Basically you take a tablespoon of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil and swish it around your mouth. You suck, pull and push it through your teeth.
So why on earth  would you do this - well Charles Poliquin points out that peridontal disease has been linked with everything from chronic fatigue to osteoarthritis, heart attacks and hypertension.And a 2009 study showed that oil pulling and mouthwash had comparable effects on dental hygiene, but that oil pulling destroyed plaque, eliminated bacteria and nearly cured all evidence of gum irritation.
So how does it work? Well in Jonny Bowden's exceptional book "150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" he details that coconut oil is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and that the medium chain triglycerides kill streptococcus (throat infections, pneumonia, sinusitis), staphylococcus (food poisoning, urinary tract infections), neisseria (meningitis, gonorrhea, pelvic inflamatory disease), Chlamydia (genital infections, conjunctivitis, periodonitis) and Helicobacter pylori (stomach ulcers) !! And the best part? It decimates bad bacteria, but doesn't harm good bacteria at all. It can also be used on Athletes Foot.
It can be used for frying because it has a high smoke point (the level at which oils and fats start to oxidise) and it can be used in boiling water as an energy drink! This is because the medium chain triglycerides are a ready source of energy. It will destroy stomach pathogens and improve thyroid function.
If you are interested in purchasing this SuperFood (given a Gold Star in Bowden's book) then please feel free to purchase it from my online store.
Get Stronger, Live Longer !

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