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A Cure For Lymes Disease?

With our proximity to the  New Forest we are all aware of the dangers of tick bites and the potential for contracting Lymes Disease as a result.
The bulls-eye rash, fever and muscle pain are all potential problems that may accompany this particularly nasty infection, but what many people do not realise is that if left untreated there are potentially devastating neurological complications that can be highly disabling.
Indeed years of antiobiotic treatment can prove to be fruitless or create additional complications including gut dysbiosis and do not guarantee resolution of the infection.
However, there appears to be hope on the horizon thanks to pioneering research by emminent chemist, Dr Peter Josling, Director of the Garlic Centre in Sussex. His pioneering research in placebo based, double-blind studies (the Gold Standard of clinical research) have shown that a specific garlic extract (patented as allicilin) can have dramatic effects on TB, MRSA and in a recent study from Texas, Lymes Disease.
In the test study there was a 90% success rate in not only alleviating symptoms, but ending them altogether! Indeed, follow up tests on Igg and Igm levels showed that there was no Lymes bacteria evident in the blood after an 8 week course of this specific garlic strain. There was a complete resolution of symptomology, without the need for any additional medication.
This marks an amazing discovery and advancement in the fight against a disease which appears to be on the increase and which is now not only transmitted by ticks but also mosquitoes, biting insects and flies.
If you are interested in this, or require further information on how to obtain this garlic extract please do not hesitate to contact me, but please do not aim to self medicate nor purchase conventional garlic supplementation expecting a miracle cure - the patented formula that  Dr Josling has created is the only one in which each batch is tested against the MRSA bacteria to check for potency.
If you are suffering from:
athlete's foot,
bacterial infections,
chest infections,
cold sores,
environmental toxins,
fungal infections,
gum disease,
wound infections
then why not give this 100% natural, safe, and effective supplement a go - you have nothing to lose, and in the case of severe illnesses like  Lymes, TB or MRSA, it could make a significant improvement to your life.
Get Stronger, Live Longer!

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