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The Hindu Push Up

Hello everyone and welcome to the workout of the day.
Today I will introduce you to the famous Hindu push up, popularised by wrestler Matt Furey, but a staple of Yogic practice for some time.
This exercise is phenomenal for shoulder stability, core activation, endurance and flexibility. It is the Yin to the one arm push ups Yang (one arm push ups are optimal for developing power, the Hindu push up is optimal for  endurance and flexibility - hamstrings, hip flexors and spine).
This is how you do it:
Start with your feet shoulder width apart, hands and feet on the floor, bottom up in the air. You should look like a pyramid, hands and feet as the base and bottom the peak.
Push your forehead towards your toes as much as you can.
Now lower yourself straight down - your chin, chest, stomach and hips should graze the floor beneath you and you then "swim" up as though swimming thru an underground tunnel that is very narrow. Your finishing position is with the hips dropped towards the floor and you are looking up to the sky (just like the Yogic "Updog" position). Effectively this is a transition from the Yogic movement "Downward facing dog" to "Upward facing dog". Sounds simple but I have seen big guys who could bench all day humbled by this very effective exercise that requires no equipment.
Push yourself back to the original position and start again.
10+ is very good!
If the exercise is too difficult I have about 5 progressions that usually will get you to it, but that is another story. . .Enjoy!

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