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The Christmas Turkey Burner Workout

Merry Christmas Everyone !

Well here it is, by popular request - the Christmas Turkey Burner workout -simple, effective and easy to pack into the most hectic of Christmas schedules. Just choose the one that suits you most.

I have 4 minutes a day between pudding, chocolate biscuit cake and wine to do something. . .help!

Then its time to wheel out Tabata intervals. 

20 seconds of something tough (Hindu Squats, wall squats, burpees, mountain climbers, whatever, as long as its metabolically challenging...)
Fat burning exercise - the Mountain Climber

Mountain Climbers
Photograph Courtesy of PtOnTheNet

Then do some active recovery like jogging on the spot, wall angels, single leg toe touches or crunches.

The pattern is 20 seconds tough, 10 seconds recovery, 20 seconds tough, 10 seconds recovery. Repeat for four minutes non-stop for a festive metabolic furnace.

Workout two is taken from the Russian strength training approach and is more practical if your festive plans preclude you from becoming a hot sweaty mess. Simply take two VERY tough exercises (Russian Master Coach Pavel Tsatsouline recommends the one arm push up and the one leg squat or "Pistol") and perform a few of these of multiple points of the day. Don't flirt with failure, so you should shoot for 50% of your maximum, or have at least two reps in the bank). A good benchmark is 5-6 sets of 5 reps spread throughout the day. 

This is the "Invisible" workout as it is easy, effective, mega fast and also builds pure strength gains fast. An example was the 120 kettlebell swings I performed today with the 24kg kettlelbell - nobody in the house was aware of it because I would simply perform 12 quick reps and be back in time for a Terry's chocolate orange.

Whatever you decide to do - have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Abundant 2012.

Get Stronger, Live Longer


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