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The Allimed 100 capsule pack contains a months supply of this high potency garlic supplement. Each Allimed capsule contains 450mg of stabilised Allicin (Allisure - your guarantee of the highest level of potency and stability).Each batch is routinely tested against MRSA to confirm its potency.
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Aggressive Strength - Testosterone Booster
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Magnesium Oil
Magnesium is an essential daily mineral which we are often deficient in. It helps support: *Restful sleep *Healthy Nerve and Muscle Function *Helps normal, regular heartbeat *Is the key mineral for good blood sugar management
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Alan Levi Personal Training T-Shirt
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Polo Shirt
Alan Levi Personal Training Polo Shirt
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The Simple Guide to Faster Fat Loss. A straightforward and effective guide to fast fat loss, with recipes, articles, resources and dozens of top tips to really burn the blubber.


1. Customising Portion Sizes

2. The foods you MUST eat at breakfast for optimal energy and brain function

3. Snacks to send your energy to the next level, but not put on any fat

4. Working out your protein goal

5. Menu Plans

6 The All You Can Eat Extravaganza !

7. How to easily drop the glycaemic effect of food by 30% with foods you have in the house, right now!

SuperGreens and what are they

SuperSmoothie recipes

The Golden Rules for Successful Fat Loss

5 Supplements For Fat Loss

Top Tips For Fat Loss

Foods to avoid

The Problem With Soy

The Glycaemic Index

What You Must Know about gluten

BONUS section:

Articles on -

15 tips to eliminate gluten, what net carbs are, the benefits of dark chocolate, substitutes for sugar, tools for fat loss, managing insulin and the Magnificent 7 of supplementation

63 pages.
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Improve Your Sleep
This ebook is guaranteed to improve your sleep or your money back. It includes:

The effects of poor sleep
A comprehensive sleep questionnaire to create a bespoke sleep plan

The importance of sleep cycles

A bedtime ritual to put you in the best possible mental state for a relaxing nights sleep

Acupressure points for restful sleep

A bespoke guide to supplements for better sleep based on when YOU are waking up at night

Dealing with anxiety and supplements and the ones that have been clinically tested.

A free BONUS section with link to a secret YouTube post demonstrating EFT for better sleep. This in and of itself may be all you need to get the best sleep of your life.

Also, an amazing quick fix that is so simple but effective it will blow your mind !
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