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FREE back pain Ebook
What is your body telling you about your life?
What is Emotional Freedom Technique?
Fish Oil And Prostate Cancer
The Red Meat Controversy


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FREE back pain Ebook

I am delighted to offer Jesse Cannon's excellent back pain ebook for free on this website. I offer all the services he mentions in the book, so if you suffer from lower back pain, please feel free to book in for a FREE consultation - you have nothing to lose but your back pain!

What is your body telling you about your life?

My first yoga instructor told me that our body is a locked in history of our emotional state. Biosignature  modulation, pioneered by Charles Poliquin states that hormonal imbalances make you store fat in certain specific places (ie. Stress makes you fat around your stomach) and Traditional Chinese medicine states that the internal organs can house negative emotions (kidneys - fear, lungs - grief, liver - anger, spleen - worry, heart - sadness).

So what is YOUR body telling you right now about your emotional state?

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT works in the same way as clearing an obstacle to clear running water does.
Energy flows through us in much the same way as a river flows cross country. However, over time, debris, stones and rubbish accumulate(negative emotions, limiting or damaging beliefs in the Energy Body).
Eventually the river may find itself blocked or dammed up and its gentle flow disrupted, stagnated or its path altered.
EFT seeks simply to remove these blockages, the beauty being that this process often doesn’t require much work – once the boulders of emotional pain, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs are removed the river will flow to the full power of its remarkable potential.

Fish Oil And Prostate Cancer

There was a recent media feeding frenzy over the "revelation" that fish oil could cause prostate cancer. However the problem was that even the people who conducted the study conceded that there was no empirical link! This was because the study was an epidemiological one which attempts to show CORRELATION and not CAUSATION. There is a huge difference (this is discussed entertainingly in the link at the bottom of this article by nutrition expert Dr John Berardi).
Why do these studies make it into the media?

The Red Meat Controversy

There is a lot of controversy surrounding a diet high in red meat content. This started with the cholesterol controversy (which has been resoundingly debunked by guys a lot smarter than me - Dr Jonny Bowden, Dr Mercola, Dr Briffa, Coach Charles Poliquin and a number of pharmaceutical "whistle blowers" in the USA who confirm what a lot of us fear - that cholesterol is vital for body function and that reducing it could actually be counterproductive to good health!)
This is an argument for another day - but what is obvious from the research out there is that the old LDL = bad, HDL = good paradigm is a gross oversimplification of a far more complex issue.

FREE Geoff Thompson e-book

TheFormula.pdf(PDF — 173 KB)
One of the greatest individuals that I have had the pleasure of personally meeting on a number of occasions is Geoff Thompson.
A fearsome martial artist with a remarkable life story, what makes him such a compelling and charismatic person is that he is a fine example that we can create our own lives in the image that we choose.
His is a story of abuse, violence, divorce, fear and yet this tough and unrelenting journey has forged a man who is gentle, kind, compassionate, considerate and who is living a life that most people from his background would have deemed "impossible".

Eating On The Go

It is one of the big problems for a huge majority of clients - what do I eat when I am on the road, busy and haven't had time to prepare anything?
My first recommendation is cook more than you need, and have that with you (so if you cooked a chicken, then that is hot or cold snacking for days). Of course there is the issue of refridgeration, and sometimes we just don't have time to get anything ready.
The worst case scenario is stopping off at a petrol station to get a snack. Very few (apart from the BP garages with an affiliate Marks & Spencer) have anything remotely resembling a healthy, nutritious or comprehensive range of foods - so what do you do?

What is a SuperGreen?

If you are rubbish at getting your vegetables in, my first recommendation is to purchase SUPERGREENS. These are a marvellous shortcut and actually nutritionally superior to a scraggly bag of wilted lettuce.
So what are they? Supergreens have been around for years, they are produced by various companies and usually consist of chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, and spirulina. They come in powdered form and are easily mixed with water. The taste may take a bit of getting used to and the resemblance to something Yoda would drink is inescapable, but in terms of a nutrient dense package this takes some beating, and can make up the backbone to some truly Super Smoothie's.

The 5 Supplements For Fat Loss

The most common question I get asked, bar none, is what are the best supplements for fat loss.
Well, the answer is simple and complicated at the same time - You must always allow for biochemical individuality, in other words everyone responds to foods, liquids and supplements in unique ways. For one person 5 coffees a day works just fine and doesn't disrupt sleep, for another any caffeine post -12pm will cause sleep issues, guaranteed.
However, there are some elements that have a relatively uniform effect on the body (otherwise pharmaceutical drugs would never be allowed if everyones response to them was dramatically varied).

Save Our Supplements

For years the European Union has sought to regulate the supplements industry and impose paltry and scientifically invalid maximum permitted limits. This would render supplements far less efficacious than previously.
Already many items have fallen foul of Codex Alimentarius - the EU legislation that ostensibly was set up to ensure that supplements were safe and effective, but has effectively been side-lined by lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry into re-evaluating safe limits and down-regulating them (just look at France and Germany).